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The industrial equipment
Manufacture, delivery, adjustment, service, repair. The catalogue of the goods represents the list from several thousand names. At us it is possible to find almost all industrial equipment. Our production - a guarantee of your success.
Accumulator rooms
The equipment for electrolit and дистилированной waters, Rectifiers, pusko-shooter and zarjadno-digit devices, Furniture and the equipment for accumulator rooms, Installations of heating of preparations. It is the short list of our production.
Power stations, generators
Base executions of power stations, Diesel power station ADV-200 (200 kw), ADV-500 (500 kw), ADV-1000 (1000 kw), AD-300 (300 kw), Components QSK60G4, MMZ D-246.4, QSK60G3, QSK60G4, MMZ Д-246.4, QSK60G3, 4-ISBeG1. The additional equipment for power stations

About the company


We bring to your attention our services in a cargo transportation.
During the 3-year-old work in the market of freight traffic we managed to construct the branched out and harmoniously working system of delivery and expedition cargoes. Transport company UralKomplektStroj guarantees safe delivery of your cargo precisely in time.

Open Company UralKomplektStroy, transport departmentThe basic advantages of cooperation with our company concern:
We offer you monitoring of a site of cargo to metre in real time. You can always learn where there is your cargo to within metre!

Our cars are equipped modern and a reliable complex of security systems. Tracing of a condition of the car is made round the clock. Transport is equipped by disturbing buttons. All it provides safety of cargo and calmness of the client.

We carry out automobile transportations across Russia of cargoes in any quantity – from small parties to considerable volumes;
For carrying out of a cargo transportation we use only technically serviceable and checked up motor transport completely excluding compelled stops on the journey;
Individual approach to each client.

Организуя transportations of cargoes across Russia, we select optimum for cost and speed a variant of delivery of cargo for each client.

In-Russian transportations by motor transport appear us with granting of a wide spectrum of additional services into which enter:
Transportation maintenance with necessary documents. Our experts will check up presence of cargoes of documents necessary for autotransportation and will help to issue them correctly;
Warehouse services. Marks, soft and rigid packing, an establishment of control seals for valuable cargoes;

We carry out a cargo transportation and support of cargoes of any complexity on any distances on territories of Europe, Russia and the CIS.
We possess sufficient park of lorries for maintenance of a cargo transportation of any complexity. Available cars load-carrying capacity to 3 tons.

Services of transportation of cargoes by motor transport offer today many transport companies, but only you will find in company UralKomplektStroj optimum a price and quality parity. Our tariffs for a cargo transportation taking into account high reliability and efficiency, are comprehensible both for legal, and to private persons.

We deliver your cargo in time and perfectly safe.
In more details you can familiarise with all spectrum of given services here, on our site or by phones of the company (863 2003008, 2003009, 2003011.

The qualified personnel of our enterprise will answer all questions interesting you and will make professional recommendations.

We pay your attention that at us the flexible system of discounts, both for constant clients operates and at the conclusion of long contracts.

Yours faithfully, the Chief of transport department
Open Company UralKomplektStroj

Phone/Fax: 8 (863) 300 62 13

Freight traffic across Russia and Europe  
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