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Freight traffic across Russia and Europe
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The industrial equipment
Manufacture, delivery, adjustment, service, repair. The catalogue of the goods represents the list from several thousand names. At us it is possible to find almost all industrial equipment. Our production - a guarantee of your success.
Accumulator rooms
The equipment for electrolit and дистилированной waters, Rectifiers, pusko-shooter and zarjadno-digit devices, Furniture and the equipment for accumulator rooms, Installations of heating of preparations. It is the short list of our production.
Power stations, generators
Base executions of power stations, Diesel power station ADV-200 (200 kw), ADV-500 (500 kw), ADV-1000 (1000 kw), AD-300 (300 kw), Components QSK60G4, MMZ D-246.4, QSK60G3, QSK60G4, MMZ Д-246.4, QSK60G3, 4-ISBeG1. The additional equipment for power stations


Our company of Open Company "UralKomplektStroy" transports cargoes supersize motor transport (load-carrying capacity 20 т. Volume 64-90 м3). Used types of semitrailers: tento, isothermal or refrigerator.

We will organise an automobile cargo transportation on Russia and the CIS, and also we carry out the international transportations, effectively operating vehicles of partners-automobile owners.

We transport:

1. The packed cargoes.
2. Piece, not packed dimensional, it agree ПДД cargoes.
3. Unpacked cargoes, admissible to transportation in the closed transport.
4. Food Perishable food.
5. The food Perishable food, transportations demanding an individual temperature mode.
6. Modular cargoes.

We do not transport:

1. Unpacked cargoes intended for transportation in спец. Transport.
2. Bulk and bulk cargoes.
3. Bulky goods.
4. Cargoes over 21 tons.
5. Dangerous cargoes.

For the order of autotransportation of cargo you should do 3 simple operations:

1. To make inquiry by phone or in special section of a site, having designated a direction, the tonnage, specificity of cargo, a packing kind, date of sending and the information on.
2. To fill the Contract.
3. To make payment in the form convenient for you.

From its part our employee will make for you:

1. Will answer on your inquiry within 2 hours.
2. Will define transport according to your problem, doing the transport scheme as much as possible convenient and effective.
3. Will confirm the shipping request with instructions гос.номера, First name, middle initial, last name and nameplate data of the driver.
4. Will give the car to a loading place in the appointed term.
5. Will provide delivery and the control of movement of cargo.
6. Will send accounting documents by mail.

Standardly we begin the organisation of transportation after signing of the contract and reception of 50 % of an advance payment. You pay the second part of the sum after cargo delivery. Other conditions are co-ordinated separately with the expert of department of work with clients.

Freight traffic across Russia and Europe  
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