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Freight traffic across Russia and Europe
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The industrial equipment
Manufacture, delivery, adjustment, service, repair. The catalogue of the goods represents the list from several thousand names. At us it is possible to find almost all industrial equipment. Our production - a guarantee of your success.
Accumulator rooms
The equipment for electrolit and дистилированной waters, Rectifiers, pusko-shooter and zarjadno-digit devices, Furniture and the equipment for accumulator rooms, Installations of heating of preparations. It is the short list of our production.
Power stations, generators
Base executions of power stations, Diesel power station ADV-200 (200 kw), ADV-500 (500 kw), ADV-1000 (1000 kw), AD-300 (300 kw), Components QSK60G4, MMZ D-246.4, QSK60G3, QSK60G4, MMZ Д-246.4, QSK60G3, 4-ISBeG1. The additional equipment for power stations


Delivery of small and large parties of cargoes – the basic direction of activity of transport division of the company of Open Company "УралКомплектСтрой".

The enterprise specialises on transportation of cargoes without restriction of weight and volume motor transport. For today Open Company UralKomplektStroj company carries out cargo delivery in 66 administrative and industrial centres of Russia.

Our company transports the most different cargoes: office equipment, building materials, the industrial equipment, polygraphic production, conditioners, furniture and an accessories, home appliances, the ventilating equipment, auto accessories, a foodstuff and many other things.

It would be desirable to notice that on warehouse complexes of the company of Open Company UralKomplektStroj доупаковка, packing, marks and pogruzo-discharging of any categories of cargoes, including oversized and heavy, are made free of charge.

The saved up operational experience in the market of a cargo transportation allows us to use effectively the fulfilled technologies of storage and transportation of modular cargoes and to give to clients a full package deal with an optimum parity of the price and quality.

Along with the basic specialisation and transportation of modular cargoes, Open Company "УралКомплектСтрой" company renders services in search and granting of supersize motor transport. Service is claimed in a situation when it is necessary for client to send a large consignment, and to make it more conveniently, having ordered the separate car completely intended for one client that will allow to reduce costs for cargo transportation essentially.

Thanks to the fulfilled scheme of interaction with autocarriers motor transport is given to the client within days, irrespective of in what of our branches the demand for car giving is issued. At a choice of a carrier we give particular attention to its legal cleanliness and a technical condition of a rolling stock.

To services of our senders the big park of vehicles load-carrying capacity from 10 to 20 tons, length of a body to 13,5 metres.

Convenient logistical schemes give the chance to offer the client transport with a condition of payment of a route in one direction, having relieved грузополучателя of cares of return loading of motor transport.

Cargo transportation is carried out in the shortest terms with maximum a responsible approach to its safety.

Freight traffic across Russia and Europe  
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